UglyDolls is an American animated movie based on the identical name plush dolls. Moxy (Kelly Clarkson) along with her friends travel from the other side of the mountain to find a place where everyone is perfect. They meet Lou (Nick Jonas) at the place to train them for perfection to finally find a child in the material world. Finally, when Moxy UglyDoll meets Mandy (Janelle Monae), learn that identity is more valuable than perfection. Other than Disney, Marvel, and DC collectibles, you will find UglyDolls merchandise in this article. Scroll down to grab all lovely items before it will get out of stock.

Ugly Doll T-Shirt: Amazon

Licensed Uglydoll clothes are available in 5 different colors at the product page for man, woman, and youth. Made with 100% cotton,  lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve, and bottom hem.

Ugly Doll Party Supplies: Amazon

Perfect theme for your child to celebrate his/her birthday with pretty ugly dolls party accessories. Ugly Dolls movie gives the inspiration to your child that instead of building perfection inside they have to live a happy life along with the family.

Moxy Plush Doll: Amazon

Among all ugly doll characters, Moxie dolls is most inspiring and discussion making ugly dolls plush who help to think and live positive for other talking doll in the movie.

Batman Uglydoll Toys: Amazon

Customize mini ugly dolls made with flexible material for costume play. Kids will love to include or exclude mask and cape from the lucky batman figure.

Ugly Doll Shirt: Amazon

UG Life shirt is for the giant ugly dolls who love to look alike ugly creature from the animated movie. You will find 5 different colors of the shirt for men, women, and youth at the product page.

Ty Dolls Bag: Amazon

Usually, ugly doll backpack is much more demanding then drawstring bag which is also available in green and black colors. If you like the same for the child be hurry because this product will be soon out of stock.

Dave Darinko Red Toy Dolls: Amazon

You will find the entire cast of the ugly monster dolls in three different sizes at the product page. Huggable liv dolls inspire creativity in kids of all ages.

Uglydoll Hat: Amazon

Where to buy ugly dolls? is a common question people are asking before they read this article, however, they may ask for the ugly bird blanket at that time. To make you from ugly to pretty we discover this ugly beanie hat for all ages.

Reborn Dolls Paper Glasses: Amazon

Die-cut paper glasses is an attractive gift for our generation dolls who look pretty like a barbie doll, therefore have these ugly soft toys for them to make happy always.

Moxy Ox Ugly Dog Toy Candy Dispenser: Amazon

Now ugly monsters are available in candy dispenser focusing three ugly creatures Moxy, Ox, and ugly dogs. Each dispenser is 4″ tall in cello package and made in the USA.

Uglydoll Umbrella: Amazon

Instead of buying a dollhouse for your little angel, order this umbrella for your ginny dolls. This item is unisex so you will also consider it for your son too from the ugly doll store.

Ugly Doll Hoodie: Amazon

Uglydolls hoodie in 5 different attractive colors in unisex fit type from the Uglydoll store. We prefer this is the perfect item to gift someone who still loves to have dolls during sleepy hours.

Ugly Doll Keychain: Amazon

Pair of fugly dolls are for best friend forever or as Valentine day gift to your girlfriend because we all know that love always begins with the friendship.

Ugly Black Dolls: Amazon

With extra effort, we found a monster high dolls for genuine buyer, who love to collect such items for themselves as well as for their kids. Hey! don’t worry you may also gift such an item to your sister, girlfriend, and mother also.

Little Ugly Tote Bag: Amazon

Tote bags are the most suggestible item for shopping and much reliable material as compared to the polythene bags. The fashionable item for kids and adults as well, now you may carry your ugly toys where ever you like.

Moxy Love Uglydoll Shirt: Amazon

We assure you will never look like a vampire doll within the shirt displayed above, it is designed by buzztshirt and made with 100% cotton. Visit the product page to see more designs and colors.

Ugly Monster Dolls Bracelet: Amazon

Friendship bands are for large ugly dolls available in pack 4, now you may get ugly, go ugly and stay ugly with your friends and colleagues.

Ugly Troll Doll Loonacy Cards: Amazon

Loonacy cards are designed for the age of 8 and above, 2 to 5 players can play simultaneously up to 5 to 10 minutes. Rules are easy enough to learn in a single sentence. Fast-paced gameplay ensures the most excitement and laughs.

Troll Doll Action Figure: Amazon

Instead of collecting living dead dolls, cart these uglydolls action figure for your collection and home decor. Check to list thoroughly before placing an order.

OX Ugly Doll: Amazon

Like Ox, wage uglydolls are quite demanding, however, while checking above-displayed products you will find entire collections of ugly dolls who worked as a character in the movie. If you like our collection don’t forget to share it with your friends and family because we want the maximum reader to get the benefit from our work. For more gift ideas and merchandise, Click Here!