Lady Alcina Dimitrescu is a beautiful nine feet tall vampire with a killer smile. She has already taken hold of the entire internet. She appeared in January’s Maiden she caused a splash. Her historical background is still unknown to the follower, but it doesn’t stop the cosplayer to perform the act. Collect all the accessories of the Lady Dimitrescu costume from Residential Evil Village for Halloween and cosplay.

Black Wide Brim Hat: Amazon

Let’s begin this costume guide with the wide brim hat. Rather than focus on the height of the lady from the Umbrella corporation; people used to follow Lady Dimitrescu’s style. Along with a wide hat, black leather gloves, black flower, and black pin all look sharp in contrast with the white empire waist gown.

White Empire Waist Dress: Amazon

From the RE outbreak, you will yourself a pretty woman of the universe. Her skin is ghostly white which can be created with the help of white face paint. If you want to skip the body paint you can use a face painting kit to recreate the sharp lines; and slightly undead look that gives away Lady Dimitrescu’s vampiric nature.

Black Flower Brooch: Amazon

Add black flower into the bucket from the wide range of the fabric petal on the product page of the Amazon Store. Hey! don’t stop Resident Evil merchant has introduced some other products for followers.

Black Leather Gloves: Amazon

Resident Evil 2020 opens several doors of umbrella corp which are still hidden with the gamer. Wonderful PU leather gloves for women wearing while driving, motorcycle, cycling, riding, biking, gym, work, camping, hiking, or any winter outdoor activities.

Black Boots: Amazon

Resident Evil cosplay from Resident Evil 2 till to date is demanding as compared to the Fortnite Battle Royale. Discovered from the nemesis resident evil that the entire game needs a lot of blood to slaughter the breathing humans.

White Body Paint: Amazon

It’s time to enter into the real looks of the tall lady of the Resident Evil Village. Cover your entire face with white face paint. How many of you feel apart of Resident Evil 7?

Face Painting Kit: Amazon

Collect a professional makeup kit for an awesome look and be sure to put on your favorite lipstick. You are now ready to rule the castle of your own in Lady Dimitrescu costume.

Dark Brown Wig: Amazon

Finish this look of the Devil Queen with a dark brown wig. Lady Dimitrescu wears her hair pinned up in tight curls from the 1950s which you will have to recreate yourself. You can follow the tutorial on youtube to create a perfect look for the vampire lady.