Hawkgirl (Shiera Sander Hall) was the first Super Heroine of the DC Comic and the female counterpart of the Hawkman who uses Nth Metal technology to fly. Being identical look with the Hawkman, she have the identical skills and power that’s the reason female cosplayer love to cosplay this character in their daily life.

Findurfuture, want to share the entire Hawkgirl Costume along with the Legend of Tomorrow Hawkgirl outfit. To become real life super heroine you only required costume, while super natural abilities and skill are already inside you.

Long Overbust Corset

Let this costume guide begin with this heavy duty full steel boned corset for perfect figure, it flatten your and suitable for Tight-Lacing, shaping and waist training. Further, if you like to use this corset for any other purpose check other available colors at the product page.

Shoulder Lenght Straight Orange Wig

Orange wig best match the real appearance of the Hawkgirl. Cosplayers who want to dye their hair does not required this artificial hairs otherwise you have to buy this wig to have Hawkgirl power.

Hawkgirl Eye Mask

Hawkgirl mask, made with leather that match perfectly with your costume. Further this handmade mask will unhide the super queen inside you.

Gold Wrist Cuffs

A metal wrist cuff designed and wore by the Roman at the time of battle and now you are chosen to wear this cuff through the medium of this costume guide to complete the attire of the hot Hawkgirl.

Stretched Sports Leggings Yoga Pants

Be a sexy Hawkgirl within this green legging available at the product page among other 8 colors. Further it is made with nylon, polyester, spandex, having good stretched which make it comfortable and breathable. Moreover this legging is designed to use at sports, yoga, casual fitness, running and workout.

Hawkgirl Wings

Without wings Hawkgirl never fly and complete her task, so this wings are mandatory to portray Hawkgirl at the time of Halloween.

Hawkgirl Wide Belt

Similar shape and style belt of the Hawkgirl made with PU leather for the buckle and alloy for the bright decoration from the front.

Hawkgirl Costume Boot

To become a legend in the sexy attire of Hawkgirl and kick someone a** you required this shoes along with other accessories of the Hawkgirl suit.

Battle Mace Larp

Props are truly required with the costume accessories of any character which they use to save the world and make the environment clean from the conspiracy of the enemies.

Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl Cosplay

Last but not the least this guide will be windup with the Legend of tomorrow Hawkgirl costume which made with faux, leather and knit. Product page contain everything therefore you don’t need to find any accessories form any other online store. To check the costume guide of the other character of the DC Comic Click Here