Sonic the hedgehog is the fastest running characters of the SEGA games who can run faster than sound. In the Sonic games, he is best to manage run faster in a straight direction. While Super Mario is aiming to collect coins and keep himself away from hurdles. All sonic games look like the blue hedgehog which attracts children to watch them and become happy. Sonic becomes trendy now a days. We saw in the Olympics and swimming pools that everyone want to take part in the sonic battle. Don’t worry we have the best option to transform you and your kid into the Sonic drive via Sonic costume. Prepare yourself for Sonic cosplay at Halloween in the following steps.


Sonic the Hedgehog Adult Costume: Amazon

Followers are the craze for Sonic drive-in; they actually new the Sonic forces and enjoy the Sonic adventures. The product page contains all the accessories for Sonic 2019.

Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Gloves: Amazon

Make these gloves a part of your sonic x costume which is a licensed product manufactured by the GE animation. It will be very helpful to collect Sonic rings after wearing proper gloves.

Sonic Cosplay Shoes: Amazon

Sonic feet are considered to be red sneakers. It is available for both kids and adults to make you Chevrolet Sonic;  can run faster in free sonic games.

Sonic The Hedgehog Mask: Amazon

Cosplayers who are not interested in the costume mask must try this adult-size overhead mask which 12″ high and 1″ wide.

Sonic The Hedgehog Dress: Amazon

We love to share this woman sonic hedgehog outfit which contains Sonic dress, tail, headpiece, gloves, and shoes at the product page. Time to get ready with your own sonic team in the Sonic the Hedgehog family costume.


Sonic Generations Costume: Amazon

To make sonic special for your kid by having this identical costume for your junior. Further, this generation sonic the hedgehog deluxe costume include the headpiece, gloves, and jumpsuit with attached boot tops i.e. almost everything from the Sonic franchise.

Sonic the Hedgehog Child Mask: Amazon

Sonic movie and video games best describe the appearance of sonic, therefore your child must require this Halloween mask to look alike with the character.

Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles Cosplay Plush Gloves: Amazon

Make a sonic deal for your child by purchasing the identical gloves that you bought along with your costume. The entire costume will be the true appearance as the sonic promotion for the entire fan community.

High Top Led Sneakers: Amazon

Sonic locations are mandatory within the game for the players and they have the right to feel sonic near me. Further, there will be no need to make sonic underground for Sonic Mania and become a healthy and master player of the sonic online game. Click here to see costumes guide of other game con for more Halloween Costume ideas.