Edward Ratchett (Johnny Depp) is wealthy American criminal in the 2017 adaptation on Murder on the Orient Express, who fears of his life upon boarding a train. He is also the victim of the train murder. Story of the Murder on the Orient Train reveals many secrets therefore we are making our focus only on the Ratchett costume for Halloween Cosplay.

Because Johnnys deals in art forgeries, the costume designer chose clothing that would be elegant and upscale, but mismatched and out of place in Europe at the time. Scroll down to grab all the accessories of the Murder on the Orient Express Ratchett Costume.

Armstrong’s Express Dr. Tan 3 Piece Suit (Shop via Amazon)

Lets began this costume guide with the flat front three piece suit as a brand of wealthy criminal which Ratchett already was, further, this is the right item that is also fit for the party and wedding wear after cosplay at Halloween.

Johny Depp Young White Dress Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

People who are doing office job already have white shirt along with there desired suit but why we prefer this item is just because it is imported, Silk knot cuff links with French cuff, Breath ability and cooling management etc.

Mr Ratchett Dot Print Tie (Shop via Amazon)

This unique combination will allow you to enter into the character which Johnny Deep portrayed very nicely. Further this dot tie is washable and 3 1/8″ wide with signature contrast tail.

Mr Murder Fedora Hat (Shop via Amazon)

Several Johnny Depp movies contain his identical style of wearing fedora hat whether he cast as a hero, criminal, gangster or murderer. So continue collection costume accessories because we have alot more items to grab.

Vintage Leather Trench Coat (Shop via Amazon)

To disclose the mystery on the Orient Express you need this brown trench coat which is made with lamb skin leather. This blew knee long coat is one of the most demanding item in Dawn of the Justice wore by the batman in the movie.

Murder Train Cuff-link (Shop via Amazon)

Most attractive and unique item for Ratchett cosplay which you can also select as a gift to any one at any occasion. Two tone cufflinks are best for the wedding suit as it is made of High Rhodium Plated, a great way to Show Mens Calm and Steady.

 Bandit Moustache (Shop via Amazon)

Black mustache is made with synthetic hair and easily attaches to your face with self adhesive therefore no need grow mustache on your face and trim it in accurate shape as the character have.

Ratchett Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

After having this hand made comfortable shoes you are ready to cosplay the character at Halloween. However this costume guide is ended yet but still some Murder on the Orient Express costume are pending to ready for Halloween. Further if you are interested to see our collection of the gaming costume, Click Here!