Andy Davis is the major character in the Toy Story series. Among other Toy Story characters, he is the owner of Woody and Buzz up till the end of Toy Story 3 where he gave them to Bonnie Anderson. In Toy Story 4, Andy’s coming with a new look wearing a cowboy hat, blue jeans, black sneakers and a blue t-shirt with white sleeves and a darker blue border. New Toy Story movie design this character as compared to the Andy in Toy Story 1 with quick moves. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of Andy from Toy Story 4 costume from the Halloween Shop.

Andy Toy Story Costume Hat (Amazon)

Being the main protagonist of the Toy Story series Andy rejoins with new looks. This time he wears a red hat similar to the Jessie hat.

Andy Toy Story 4 Shirt (Amazon)

3 stripes raglan sleeves tee has been wearing by Andy in Toy Story 4. There is the little variation found in the color of the tee but here we select the best match the Andy t-Shirt.

Andy Davis Toy Story Regular Fit Jeans (Amazon)

Every single accessory related to the Andy Davis attire has great importance as compared to the other Toy Story characters. The great advantage of the jeans is you may wear it after Halloween as casual; find varieties of colors at the product page.

Toy Story Andy Boot (Amazon)

Converse Chuck Taylor is the best sneaker match with the costume accessories for Andy cosplay. Visit the product page of our Amazon Store for varieties of colors and styles.

Andy’s Toys Buzz Lightyear (Amazon)

Buzz Lightyear is one of Andy’s favorite toys; you will find varieties of the function in the toy made by different manufacturers. The one showed above is the Buzz action figure for cosplayers and their kids later to play.

Jessie Toy Story 3 Talking Action Figure (Amazon)

Jessie is one of the famous toys from the Toy Story movie. Disney fans love this character a lot; the product is a genuine, soft body with a solid head and boots. Speak 30 different phrases by pulling a string.

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Andy Davis receives the Buzz Lightyear action figure on his 8th birthday in Toy Story 1. Big trouble arises between Woody and Buzz who have the pride to be Andy’s favorite toy. Andy wore a red cowboy hat, blue shorts, white sneakers and a green shirt with a cowboy playing guitar in the corner.

Toy Story Disney Andy Hat (Amazon)

A little variation of Andy Cowboy hat found in Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 4. So this Halloween costumes ideas for the people who love to cosplay this character from the initial story.

Andy Toy Story Shirt Neon Green (Amazon)

Andy wore a neon green shirt in the movie; so do you have to wear the same during cosplay at Halloween. Several other colors are also available at the product page for the customized t-shirt.

Toy Story Meme Royal Blue Shorts (Amazon)

Flat cargo combat half pant in royale blue color is the right choice for toy story 1 cosplay. Interested buyer may at least visit once to see the varieties of colors at the product page.

Toy Story Andy Sneakers (Amazon)

Here comes the perfect item in varieties of designs and colors. It has a rubber sole which is also recommended for casual athletic sneakers.

Blue Lace For Andy Shoes (Amazon)

Now if you have white sneakers at home no need to spend money buy a new one. Add these blue lace to have identical shoe style Andy Davis has in the toy story 1.

Toy Story Woody Toy (Amazon)

Last but not the least; after having Woody toy in your bucket you have collected all the accessories for Toy Story Andy costume. Click Here! for more Toy Story costume ideas.