The new Joker we saw in Suicide Squad acted by the Jared Leto, who appeared to be the most psychotic than the late Heath Ledger Joker in The Dark Knight. The Joker from batman we found as more fashionable and the Joker from we saw in Suicide Squad be the more of gangster type. Now, you can easily be dressed like Joker. Given below is your Home-Made tips of the Joker costume:-


Gotham Joker Wig: Amazon

Every DC fans aware of the unique love story Harley Quinn and Joker; how they meet, love and connect each other. It may require re-arrangement before wear.


Joker Cosplay Suit: Amazon

Joker Dark Knight comes in different appearance in the suicide squad movie. You will find all the items of Joker suit shown here on the product page; cross-check your size before placing an order.


The New Joker Oxford Shoes: Amazon

A proper dress required proper shoes that’s why we select oxford shoes. Leto Joker Halloween costume goes good with these pair of shoes.

Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Link Chain Wrist: Amazon

Joker adopts a new gangster style in the Suicide Squad film and adds some jewelry part into its outfit. This gold polish stainless steel chain is 6mm long to add some fashion and style.

Joker Teeth: Amazon

Alongside Joker outfit, keep this removable Grillz set in your cart. It will give you an identical look of the Harley Joker in Halloween and cosplay.


Sharpie Permanent Marker: Amazon

People use several makeup accessories to become a Joker clown; in this case, you just make a slight touch on your face for Joker appearance.

Purple Nitrile Joker Gloves: Amazon

After having all the accessories shown above for the Joker cosplay check out the makeup tutorial for more perfection. Keep scroll to have more products of the Joker Suicide Squad costumes:-

Jared Leto Purple Coat

PurpleJared Leto Coat: Amazon

Here comes the gangster part of the original Joker. The purple coat made with synthetic leather with viscose lining and accurate film size, shape and design.


Joker Tattoo Long Sleeve Sports T-Shirt: Amazon

Like Joker cane is an important costume accessory of the Joker costume; add this tattoo shirt in your bucket. However, if you are expert and have much time to make temporary tattoos in your body than go for it. For more Halloween costume ideas of DC Comics character, Click Here!