Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) divulges a desperation move against Apocalypse and entire X-Men team. Whether you watch X-Men movie series, X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse and the Last Stand or not but you will have an idea that she has taken mantle in the comic which is the ultimate special power that should keep under wrap. Marvel Cinematic Universe are now plan to release X-Men: Dark Phoenix portrayed by Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) along with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-Mcphee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain as the X-Men character.

According to the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jeans Grey losses control on herself against Dark Phoenix and stand against X-Men under the influence of  Lilandra. This ultimate DIY guide will display Jean Grey costume from the X-Men comic & movie and the Dark Phoenix movie, scroll down to grab your desired outfit.

Jean Dark Phoenix Costume: Amazon

Lets begin this costume guide begin with the red catsuit specially taken from the Phoenix comic, made with shinny metallic spandex and available in all sizes at the product page.

Jean Grey Costume: Amazon

Gene Grey powers are unstoppable therefore make yourself the queen having supernatural abilities. Body suit contain zipper closure, lined gloves and boot covers with under shoes elastic bands.

Jean Grey Wig: Amazon

No need for cosplayers who dye their hairs in Red/burgundy color for real look, otherwise this wig is 100% safe and can be easily maintained with the comb and the wig cap besides these volume of hairs gives extra flare and beauty to your attire.

Jean Grey Cosplay Costume: Amazon

Variety of costumes are available according to Phoenix forces and appearance in Xmen episodes, therefore you also have several choices and style to cosplay this character at Halloween.

Jeangrey Costume Full Set: Amazon

While portraying Dark Phoenix, Jeans Grey (Famke Janssen) wore this attire in X-Men: Days of Future past. You will grab every thing from the product page i.e. top, belt, corset and pant etc.

Xmen Dark Phoenix Movie Costume: Amazon

Here comes the X Men Dark Phoenix movie outfit wore by Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, movie elaborate varieties of attire wore by the character with superhuman ability. Some these Jean Grey outfit are displayed in this article, so keep scrolling.

Phoenix Xmen Burgundy Ridding Boot: Amazon

After having burgundy Jean Grey Boot you grab almost all the accessories to become Jean Grey hot but still you will see several choices below regarding Jean Gray costume changes with the update in character and Phoenix powers. You can also make your own couple of Jean and Wolverine on the basis of popularity in X-Men films.

Xmen Phoenixsuit: Amazon

Instead of gold phoenix costume you will also getup in Xmen cosplay costume which is the uniform of entire team specially when together go for mission.


Sophie Turner costume in burgundy color is already displayed above but you will see her casual dressing with trench coat, cardigan, denim and jewelry when she feel sudden change in her body.

Jean X men Sophie Tunner Trench Coat: Amazon

You will see Phoenix from Xmen look different as compared to the Dark Phoenix in the movie as a whole. She comes different attire, more powerful then ever and undefeated by any supreme being.

Gene Grey Racer Back Tank Top: Amazon

You have different choices for under wears that Sophie wear in the movie, this tank top will be replaced by the skin tight short sleeves gray tee. As regard to the tank top visit product page to see varieties of color specially for woman who spend time for workout.

Jean Grey Phoenix Gray Cardigan: Amazon

Among number of color available at the article page cart this gray cardigan to look alike Dr Jean Gray. This item may also used as casual wear in  spring, autumn, winter and special for working women in summer as antifreeze under Air conditioning.

Jean Xmen Denim: Amazon

You will find Jean Grey hot in denim jeans wore by the Sophie Turner as Phoenix Marvel in the movie. Attire wore by Sophie in the movie makes her bright ordinary xmen girl.

Jean Phoenix Bead Pendant Chain: Amazon

Have you notice outstanding look of Turner in the necklace along with above displayed. We, therefore traced almost identical one for Jean Grey Phoenix cosplayer to wear during cosplay, casual and parties.

Xmen Phoenix Sophie Earring: Amazon

X Men Dark Phoenix wear the identical earring with burgundy outfit as shown above. There are several varieties you will find online but we prefer displayed for you look similar with the character.

Jean Grey Superheros Boot: Amazon

Finally with the Dark Phoenix Boot, you have collected all the accessories for Jean Grey cosplay. Among Jean if you are interested check the costume guide of Marvel Super Heroes: Click Here!


Along with costumes follower also love to collect and gift Marvel merchandise specially belong to their favorite superhero and this craze will show their immense love towards them.

Phoenix T Shirt: Amazon

Dark Phoenix comic is fill with different styles of costumes, many of them are discontinued as per liking of the followers therefore we displayed this Sophie Turner shirt instead off Jean from the comic series.

Dark Phoenix Statue: Amazon

There are several style of Phoenix figure are available in stores, besides visiting Halloween shop we prefer you to cart this item from the link displayed above.

Jean Grey Marvel Shirt: Amazon

Phoenix Bird tee is perfectly comfortable as not too thick and not too thin. It gives you vintage look in the modern fit style. As this unisex tee is licensed product therefore you will find this item at any Halloween store.

Phoenix Band Backpack: Amazon

3D pattern backpack made with felt fabric, light weighted and wrinkle against. Suggested item to gift teen and school going children. Visit product page to check several other designs and style of the backpack.

Gene Grey Xmen Costume Shirt: Green / Red

With these Dark Phoenix costume tee we are supposes to wind this guide, however there are several other product you will see regarding Marvel characters for more gift ideas.