Sabrina Victoria Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a teenager attending Baxter High. Sabrina the teenage witch is a half-human and half-witch, she tries to maintain a balance between her dark education and normal teenage life. She’s often accompanied by Salem Saberhagen (also known as Salem Sabrina the teenage witch); a former witch sentenced to spend an indefinite amount of time as a black cat. Sabrina Witch is the main character of the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Comic series. To disclose the Sabrina secrets of a teenage witch, scroll down to grab the all the accessories of the Sabrina Spellman from Chilling Adventure of Sabrina costume.

Sabrina Witch Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Blouse Top: Amazon

Instead of Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina, we are following the fashion adopted by the Kiernan Shipka Sabrina. This top is available in more than 10 colors on the product page. We prefer you to select the red one to become a teen witch.

Sabrina Guinness Camisole Spaghetti Strap Tank Top: Amazon

Archie Comics Sabrina wore an outfit of different styles according to recent fashion; compared to the Melissa Joan Hart TV show. Our Amazon Store has a variety of products like this but we suggest buying this black cami tank top for Sabrina Spellman cosplay.

Sabrina Show Back A-line Mini Skirt: Amazon

Sabrina the teenage witch costume DIY also contains this Zipper Back A-line Bodycon Mini Faux Suede Skirt in black color to have an accurate and identical style of Sabrina Clothing.  

Sabrina Series Satin Hard Hairband: Amazon

How many of you are interested to disclose Sabrina family secrets with other fans and followers of the Sabrina TV Show because we are pretty much sure that every single devotee will take on all of these items as Sabrina the teenage witch outfits.

Sabrina Comic Black Knee High Socks: Amazon

All the costume accessories may consider as the Sabrina secrets of a teenage witch because it will allow you to feel the character rather watching teen witch movies.

Teenage Witch Show Isabelle Flat: Amazon

This seems to be the last item of the costume accessories to conceal Sabrina the teenage witch family secrets. Flat is 100% handmade, reliable, and flexible for relaxation & comfort.

Sabrina The Witch Cat: Amazon

After having Sabrinas Cat plush in your bucket you have collected all the accessories to look alike Sabrina Spellman; ready to cosplay this character at Halloween. For more Halloween ideas visit our collection of the Cartoon and Fairy Tale costumes.