Nero (Johnny Yong Bosch) is the son of Vergil and one of the main protagonist along with Dante and V in Devil May Cry series. Nero DMC is the weak character as compared to Dante. But, his Devil Bringer ability always makes him stand out. Devil May Cry 4, Nero’s love interest was the Kyrie. In the order of the Sword, he raised from Fortuna and serves as a Holy Knight (a religious group that worships Sparda). They are fighting to protect the World from the Demons. You may find several characters to cosplay with Devil May Cry costume; keep scrolling to collect all the accessories for Nero costume.

Devil May Cry Nero Blue Coat: Amazon

Let’s begin DMC 5 Nero costume with the Nero trench coat available at Amazon store. It is made with high-quality material and recommended for different occasions and parties like Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year, etc.  This Nero jacket will help you out to win the heart of the other by wearing it.

Nero Wig: Amazon

To look alike Nero Demon you need this short wig. There are several other options to use this hair besides Halloween like a concert, wedding, parties, and dating, etc. Additionally, you will find a cap within the package.

DMC 5 Costumes Gray T-Shirt: Amazon

Varieties of colors and sizes of the tee are available at the product page. As you have no other option just to cart customize shirt, otherwise you need a red t-shirt with a grey round neck.

Nero DMC5 Red Shirt: Amazon

Red or burgundy color tee is a must to buy for Devil May Cry 5 costumes. Besides several colors and choices at the product page of the Halloween store, you are bound to buy this one.

Black Regular Fit Jeans: Amazon

Nero from Devil May Cry 5 is the modified version of the DMC 4. Therefore, you must be conscious while purchasing Devil May Cry 5 merchandise. Don’t forget to visit the product page to check other varieties of Denim jeans.

Devil May Cry 5 Nero Gloves: Amazon

Made with PU leather and perfect for the Nero cosplay from the Devil May Cry5. Online stores have varieties of leather gloves but we trust Amazon more than others.

Nero Devil Breaker: Amazon

You add devil breaker arm into your cart before cosplay Nero Devil May Cry. The Devil Bringer ability will make you superior among other cosplayers during Halloween and cosplay.

Blue Rose Revolver: Etsy

Inspired with the Devil May Cry series we found blue rose revolver as a prop for Nero cosplay. Nero’s trademark revolver is made with resigning and framed inside a wooden frame. It is fully handprint and assembled.

Devil Cry Nero Costume Boot: Amazon

Finally having this combat boot you are physically prepared for Nero cosplay against Dante Devil May Cry. This jungle boot is made with fabric and leather, comfortable, durable and reliable for cosplay and regular use. Millions of Halloween costumes ideas are waiting for you here, help yourself to select the best outfit for Halloween cosplay. (Related Post: Devil May Cry 5 Costumes)