Disney in 1998 produces Mulan true story (voiced by Ming-Na Wen, sung by Lea Salonga). She took the place of her father by wearing his old armor; when the Huns invade Han China. Considering the aspects of the Mulan real life her fighting skills were clearly lacking. She later becomes a formidable warrior standing with the best of them. Keep scrolling to collect all the accessories of the Mulan costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Hua Mulan Dress: Amazon

Mulan Chinese dress contains all the accessories required to complete the Mulan outfit. Uniform cloth contains top, shirt, belt, and cape on the product page of the Amazon store.

Mulan Dress: Amazon

Mulan wore several outfits in the animated movie in 1998. Now, Mulan live action movie based on the legend of Chinese Hua Mulan will be releasing soon.

Disney Mulan Dragon Medallion Necklace: Product Page

Necklace from the pride of the Mulan Disney; inspired by the medallion the Emperor awards Mulan. Dragon design on the front and “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and beautiful of all” text design on the back.

Fa Mulan Tai Chi Shoes: Amazon

Mulan cosplay shoes are one of the required accessories available in the black at the product page of the Halloween store. Slip-on style makes these shoes great for street or studio.

Disney Mulan Light-up Sword: Amazon

Without the sword, you look nothing for the past as well as Mulan 2020. Soon Mulan 2 describes her character in a new outfit with an updated story and valuable characters.

Disney Mushu Plush Toy: Amazon

After having Disney Mushu you have collected all the accessories of the Mulan Costume. All the characters act in the recent film is characterize by Disney world. Including Mulan ii, check our vast collection of Disney costumes for more Halloween costume ideas.