Game of Thrones has gained a legendary popularity from the unique story, characters and casting dashing and sizzling super stars. However this series contain so many uncensored senses which was criticize by the viewers. Game of Thrones books were sold in a huge quantity as its theme attract number of people to read and sense. After releasing of its first episode viewer shows their greater interest and appreciation which lead producer to produce further episodes.

Another appreciation was received from the sold of merchandise related to the costume worn by the actors and actresses including the accessories they worn in that series. We have gather some of them for you that you like to buy for yourself as a collection or gift the love ones as token of love form you to the person in consideration of their liking and desperateness toward the character of this series.



“Game of Thrones” style Drinking Horn (Product Page)

Unicity is a brand and searching unique product for our reader is a task that we are always trying achieve through our effort. This unique horn mug is also being the unique gift for the family and friend. There are a number of other Mugs are available in the market with normal shape as compared to this one.

Nights Watch Ceramic Stein Mug (Product Page)

Another unique style ceramic for tea / coffee / beer. You can also take this mug in your office or gift to any colleague who has identical feeling with this series as you have. We assure you that this item will self-show its unicity among other Mug having ordinary design.

Beer horn mug (Product Page)

This horn mug is from the Game of Thrones having size of 12” with natural look and leather coated. Being a unique in nature will the best product to gift others.

Direwolf Mug (Product Page)

We are proud to have unique collection of mugs for our readers. With this varieties of mugs, we can’t drop any of the design that may be like by our reader. This identical style mug contain 3 x 4” Dire wolf inside in it to scare your guest either girlfriend, boyfriend or family member who interested to have tea or coffee with you.

Royal Dragon Mug (Product Page)

What a nice and unique style mug, highly recommended as a gift to your love ones being a token that how much you are caring and taking interest in their liking and disliking.



Greenman Celta potable Copa (Product Page)

Game of throne has merchandise the unique and attractive designs of vine glasses and every single piece have unique identity and shape.

Dragon Goblet (Product Page)

Master piece of art from the episodes of Games of thrones. Fans who made their home full of Game of Thrones merchandise can also buy these glasses to increase the charm of vine shelf that they already have in their home.

Skeletal Hand Wine Goblet Bones (Product Page)

Nice shape and identical style wine glass which is completely different in shape with other glasses and Beer stein mugs. Feel this skeletal hand goblet bone at the time of having wine with friends we are not praising to give them wine in an ordinary stein glass. Further, this the time you can check whether that gathering is interest in this product which you have, if yes be forward to gift them fresh glasses.

Royal Dragon Goblet (Product Page)

Everyone love to have this Royal Dragon Goblet wine glass. A luxurious brand that enhance the charm of your kitchen and bar area. It also give you proud while drinking wine it. Further if anyone gift this to you then you be lucky person in this world who  have been awarded by the best item from Game of Thrones.



Women’s Shirt Mother Of Dragons (Product Page)

Let’s continue this guide with T-Shirts collection. This soft fabric Mother of Dragon T-shirt is available in 3 different color. It is also being design to honor the most attractive character Daenerys Targaryen who have been love and appreciated by number of viewers and cos-players who select Daenerys Targaryen costume in Halloween.

Winter Is Coming Stark Frost T-Shirt (Product Page)

Winter is coming stark frost T-Shirt available in 3 different color for casual wears. 100% cotton and 10% polyester makes this T-shirt light weighted and flexible to wear.

“Winter Is Coming” Circle T-Shirt (Product Page)

Another T-shirt with winter is Coming and the Game of Throne is printed at the front. Chose the color that you like including this color from the product page. Further you can also gift this item to your friend or brother who are really a fan of this series.

I’m Not a Princess I’m a Khaleesi T-Shirt (Product Page)

Soft fabric comfortable T-shirt for woman, it is light weighted and manufacture at USA.

House Symbols T-Shirt (Product Page)

The style of T-shirt is quite different with other having three houses in unique style from Games of Thrones. It’s up to you to select the best for you and to gift to your surroundings.

Game Of Thrones Block Sigils Women’s T-Shirt (Product Page)

Including men, women also have the T-Shirts collection for casual wearing. Further consumer want different design and attractive print on the T-Shirt which they want to purchase like this shirt.

House Stark Of Winterfell T-shirt (Product Page)

Including this color you will find 10+ other colors at the product page. This T-Shirt is designed for woman with short sleeves and O-Neck Style. There are other T-Shirt with Winter Is Coming are printed on it. Try this T-Shirt to gift your boyfriend, husband etc. may they are inspired with this T-Shirt to gift back you soon.

Tank Top Shirt (Product Page)

Rather than T-Shirt woman will also be gifted this Tank Top for casual wearing. Different body structure will give different look with in the Tank Shirt. History reveals that this outfit was used in 1920s as swimming suit to take bath at seaside or at swimming pool but recent day’s girls started to wear tank top casually with proper Bra inside.

Baseball Jersey Shirt (Product Page)

Base Ball Jersey, the best gift for sports loving person. This Jersey is also available in blue color with HOLD THE DOOR printed in it.

House of stark and iron man T-shirt (Product Page)

This T-Shirt contains printed Stark family with the most popular Iron Man. It is available in two different color. These casual wearing T-Shirts also give you the spirit and courage that you are belongs to the family of Games of thrones. Including men, women also be courageous while wearing these T-Shirt with attractive designs and print. Further we are in our search to find those type of T-Shirt in which images of different character of Game of Thrones are printed.



Key Chain A Song of Ice Targaryen House (Product Page)

Viewers who watch every episode of Game of thrones have better idea about the costume, weapon and other product used in it. They are the biggest fans who have huge collection of these product including this keychain as a symbol of A song from Ice.

Metal Keychain for Targaryen House (Product Page)

Three faces dragon metal key chain from the Game of Thrones with attractive design and awesome appearance in blister card packing be a symbol of the Fire and Blood. Ultimate fans have every things related to this show as they are watching with full of concentration and interest.

My Sun and Stars/moon of My Life Key Rings (Product Page)

This Son And Moon Of My Life key chain be most popular and demanding as a pendant therefore manufacturer made their choice to produce it as a key chain so that male fans can also get benefit of this identical design and shape.

Lannister House Sigil Pendant Keychain (Product Page)

Lannister House Sigil Pendant Key chain in gold color and bronze plated animal metal be the most eye-catching symbol that people love to have and sure to say that whenever you put your key chain anywhere people can’t stop themselves to touch it. We recommend this key chain as an appropriate budgeted gift for everyone.



Winter is Coming Pillow Case (Product Page)

After searching many gift guide we come to conclusion that they not considering these pillow cases for gift purpose but our thinking is that woman and girls have craze of having these items and if you gift such a unique item to someone you will surely receive positive comments.

Fire And Blood Pillow Cover (Product Page)

Check this unique style and size of pillow case that you can’t wait to gift your girlfriend to always have your existence when she feel alone.

Houses Stark Winter Is Coming (Product Page)

Every pillow has design to show the awesome and unique look when you pick it in your hand. Further, it is girl’s best product at the sleeping time so gift your female child a pillow from the series of Game of thrones.

All Hail The King ~ Walter Pillowcase (Product Page)

Game of Thrones & Breaking Bad “All Hail the King” Walter Pillowcase be the funny collection by the manufacturer. Without button this custom pillow case be the best gift for your friends and family.



Charm Leather Braided Wristband (Product Page)

A bracelet from the episode of Ice and Fire be the best gift for your lovely lady. If you like you can also consider to gift this bracelet at her Birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Targaryen Silver Pendant (Product Page)

Everyone love their partner and when you are thinking to gift a pendent according to her liking this is the loveliest product for her. However there are other ornaments are available for you selection and taking decision.

GOT Charm Bracelet (Product Page)

This charm bracelet is manufactured after get inspired by the weapons and symbol in the entire series. Ladies feel happy while wearing this in her wrist, this is the perfect gift you are going to give your woman to show how caring you are regarding her liking and disliking related to this series.

GOT 3 House Crests Ornament (Product Page)

Many fans love to collect the ornament related to the show they are watching with full of concentration and to build knowledge from it. Including this ornament you will also try and check Resin Throne Ornament for collection and for gift purpose.



The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors Hoodie (Product Page)

This night is dark and full of terror hoodie is available in 12 different colors, select your best color to wear in winter.

Velvet Thick Zipper Jacket Coat (Product Page)

Many fans cos-play characters of Game of Thrones and they want multiple items to cos-play other than Halloween, so people here is your hoodie from Game of Thrones to cos-play in winter.

House Crests Unisex Hoodie (Product Page)

This hoodie contains the logo of four houses to give charming look and people who wear it either by purchase or gift from love ones have an alarming position regarding their dashing look and amazing personality.

Targaryen Zip Front Hoodie (Product Page)

A lovely zipped hoodie from the collection of Game of Thrones. This red color hoodie is the most appropriate gift that you have consider for you younger brother or friends.



Ugly Christmas Sweater (Product Page)

This lovely sweater is best design for Christmas gift and available in the 4 different color. Not related to gift you will also buy this Ugly Sweater in Christmas for yourself to celebrate the event.

Off the Shoulder Oversized Ugly Christmas Sweater (Product Page)

From the gallery of Game of Thrones Christmas sweater we have selected a few however, if you like to search more check this collection page. Further is off shoulder sweater is available in 7 lovely colors.


Iron Coin of the Faceless Man (Product Page)

A licensed coin form the series of Game of Throne by Shire Post Mint. Many buyers have select this item as a gift for their friends, family and specially for the old members of the family.

Longclaw Sword Umbrella (Product Page)

Long claw sword in the form of umbrella are now available for the cos-players. However, many of them have already ordered the replica sword for cos-play at Halloween. Gift this umbrella to your perfect soulmate.

Fleece Throw Blanket (Product Page)

Officially license item from HBO being the nice product for your bedroom. However there are other designs also available that pretty much attractive then this blanket.

Hand Of The King Bottle Opener (Product Page)

Hand of king bottle opener available in both two colors which also count as collectibles that enter into the gallery you have belongs to the Game of Thrones.

Dinner is Coming Cutting Board (Product Page)

If you want to impress your wife and show her that how much you love her then gift this cutting board to her without any occasion as she be the biggest fan and viewer of the Game of Thrones.

House Banner Beach Towel (Product Page)

Merchandiser have also designed this printed beach towel for adult. We are not suggesting you to gift it to anyone but you can buy this for yourself and your room maid whether she is your wife, girlfriend or partner.

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar (Product Page)

This dragon eggs cookie jar get inspiration from the Game of Thrones egg set which look attractive as the kitchen goods.

This series also cast six porn stars for different roles, however other actresses were also appear naked as per the requirement of the series including the naked scene of CERSEI LANNISTER to walk on the street under the pressure of UNELLA-THE-SHAME NUN. Further this naked scenes were also criticize by the number of fans. We hope that you like this gift guide with similar appreciation that you gave us in other gift ideas & DIY Guide of other Superheroes.


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