Nicoletta Goldstein (Nico) is the supporting character and an expert craftswoman in Devil May Cry 5. She is the daughter of Angus and granddaughter of Nell Goldstein; the gunsmith that created Dante’s gun. To defeat Urizen on the quest, she assists Nero by selling and building his devil breaker robotic arm. So why are waiting for! start scrolling to collect all the accessories of the Nico Goldstein costume from Devil May Cry series. 

Devil May Cry Nico Wig: Amazon

It is very simple to make and hairstyle of the Nico Devil May Cry even if you have blonde hair. However, just to satisfy the need of the Devil May Cry fanfiction we displayed above costume wig.

Nico Goldstein Jacket: Product Page

In this article, you will find all the items for Nico Goldstein cosplay at a trusted location. Brown jacket made with viscous linning, classic collar and button-down closer.

Devil May Cry 5 Nico Denim Shorts: Amazon

DMC5 Nico gives the cool and stunning appearance in the denim shorts. The female character in the gaming world is usually created appealing; that bound the game to finalize the stage.

DMC Anime Gray Tanktop: Amazon

Sleeveless gray tank top will give you an extremely impressive look within or without the costume. Crew neck tank top is made with 100% cotton and best for summer. Visit the product page of the Amazon Store to see different styles and colors.

Red Glasses: Amazon

Nico Goldstein is wearing red eye frame throughout his journey in the Devil May Cry series. Here you will have identical eyeglasses for perfection in the Nico cosplay.

Nico DMC5 Leather Tool Pouch: Amazon

The leather pouch is one of the basic accessories of the Nico costume. It can be used as a carpenter tool, farmer tools, or construction tools after Halloween.

Devilmaycry Brown Leather Belt: Amazon

You need a leather belt to tie leather tool and leather gloves along with the denim shorts. It made in the USA with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Nico Cosplay Red Gloves: Amazon

There is some little confusion you will find in the DIY guide of the Nice Goldstein costume that someone suggests wearing red gloves while others want brown. But we suggest the actual one which is red heatproof gloves as shown above.

Nico Goldstein Cosplay Boot: Amazon

Textile boot with a synthetic sole is the core item along with Nico outfit. You will find several other designs of boots on the product page of the Amazon Store.

Fake Cigarette: Amazon

No matter if you are a chain smoker or not, please don’t use a real cigarette during cosplay. We recommend you to cart these fake cigarettes for Nico cosplay for perfection and attraction.

Devil May Cry 5 Nico Costume: Amazon

Many of the followers want to collect complete costumes from the Devil May Cry shop to save time. So it is up to your choice whether you want to collect individual accessories and deduct those ones which you already have or buy the complete set from the Halloween Store. A lot more Halloween Costume ideas are waiting for you to decide and cosplay this Halloween most related to the gaming world!