Money Heist (Lacasa de Papel) is a mysterious man going by the name of El Profesor plans the biggest heist in history in the Spanish Netflix series. He recruited eight people to ensure the smooth execution of his plan and to work as a team. Their plan is to break into the Royal Mint of Spain and steal 2.4 billion Euros. They required 11 days for seclusion in which they deal with the selected Police forces and 67 hostages. The robbers in the series wear don Dali masks and forced the hostages to wear the same disguises that make it impossible for police to identify the actual criminal. Now its time that you may try something new in this Halloween in Money Heist Costume. So why are you waiting for, grab the Money Heist merchandise before it gets out of stock? (Related Post: Money Heist Merchandise)

Salvador Dali Mask (Amazon)

Salvador Dalí was a Spanish surrealist painter, he is best known for his bizarre and striking images. His unusual behavior and eccentric manner gained as much attention as his work. Robber uses this mask to create confusion between the hostage and the robbers.

Money Heist Cosplay Zip-Front Cotton Coverall (Amazon)

What criminal do to become a Millionaire, all the team member of La casa de Papel wore the identical red overall in order to make uniformity in their costume.

Repeater Pistol (Amazon)

Every single Robber Halloween outfit required this item as the mandatory prop for cosplay, however, if you like you may choose some other latest weapons from Amazon Store likely that Money Heist Character used in the series.

Shoulder Belt Holster (Amazon)

Don’t worry order this shoulder belt holster along with the repeater to handle your gun with proper care, and we consider this item as also one of the main costume accessories.

Military Jungle Boot (Amazon)

Finally, with this costume boot, you have entire accessories in your bucket for Money Heist Cosplay at Halloween. Visit our blog for more Halloween Costume ideas regarding Halloween Scary Costume.