R2-D2 voice-activated robot played by the English actor Kenny Baker. The character is designed to support Padme Amidala, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Prices Leia and Obi-Wan Kenoba in the saga at various point. R2D2 remote control Droid is available in the market for the fans who love to collect the Star Wars merchandise. We are sharing R2D2 costume guide for man, woman, and kids in this article.

There are many R2D2 outfits are available in the market but this the time you have to decide; whether you like to coplay this character or you like to check the costume of entire Star Wars Character. Start scroll to collect all the accessories for the R2D2 costume.

Let’s Begin …..


R2D2 hat

From the Star Wars item, this guide begins with the hat to cover your head as the R2D2 mask. This handmade cap is very soft to wear available on the product page.

R2D2 Costume Adults T-Shirt

To get enter into the character you have to buy this R2D2 costume T-Shirt for cosplay at Halloween. This is officially Star Wars collectibles made with 100% cotton.

Straight Leg Fashion Jeans

This guide for men can’t complete without costume pant. This imported simple style, slim fit jean will be used in daily wear. You will several other colors at the product page of Amazon Store.


R2D2 Wig

Women have both options for cosplay this character whether they want to wear this R2D2 wig or the costume hat that we displayed above as a part of a male costume.

R2D2 Cosplay Sleeveless Bodycon Dress

A tank dress for women to look hot and stunning in R2D2 outfit along with other costume accessories. Your mission is not only collect a variety of costume; you have to perform this character with complete accuracy.

Star Wars R2D2 Juniors Costume Tube Dress

Women who are interested in looking sexiest among others must try this outfit as a Halloween costume and become an eye-catching personality in your surroundings.

R2D2 Robot Long-Sleeved Skater Dress

Another short dress in full sleeves available for the cosplayer to choose according to their taste and liking. The outfit contains printed R2-D2 body design on the front, back, & sleeves.

R 2 D 2 Knee High Socks

Let’s continue this guide with the Star Wars R2DR socks to have identical look from top to bottom especially for ladies.

Sphero R2D2 Leggings

Make your body with the attire of R2D2 costume, this legging will give you accurate look of the character; it gives you a stunning look while wearing it with or without costume accessories.

R2D2 Costume Boots

Also, make this boot a part of your costume, it is available in different sizes so you don’t have to worry whether it will fit in your legs or not.


Star Wars Baby R2D2 Costume

The costume contains printed droid robe and headpiece for a child. Fan and followers who want their child to be part of Star Wars Halloween costume this be the best idea for them.

R2D2 Costume Boy

The costume for toddler contains jumpsuit along with an attached hood. It is made with lightweight soft-touch fabric with zipper closure, white top, and blue pant to enjoy at Halloween.

R2D2 Dress Costume

Classic costume for girls to portray the character according to their liking. This sleeveless dress slip overhead with stretch knit fabric on the back bodice; 3D printed R2D2 detail on Front bodice and Skirt.

R2D2 Hoodie

Star Wars Costumes and Star Wars Merchandise are more valuable in the eyes of Solo fans; many are desperate about their collection to get as early as they can. To check Halloween costume guide of Disney character click here.